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County Clerk, Nancy E. Rister

Photo of Nancy E. RisterNancy E. Rister was appointed County Clerk on June 5, 1998 and won election to the office with 81.7% of the vote in the general election of November, 1998. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Accountancy and Information Systems from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa. Her management career in several businesses has given her extensive experience in the supervision of employees, preparation of operational and capital budgets and financial statements, formulation of policies and procedures, and hands-on experience in running an office efficiently.

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County Clerk

The County Clerk is one of the oldest of all state governmental offices, established in 1836 and authorized by the Texas Constitution which states in part:

There shall be elected for each County, by qualified voters, a County Clerk, who shall hold his Office for four years, who shall be Clerk of the County and Commissioners' Courts and Recorder of the County, whose duties, perquisites and fees of Office shall be prescribed by Legislature ...

Nancy E. Rister is the Williamson County Clerk managing an office organized into these divisions:

Clerk of the Courts


Commissioners Court


Williamson County Official Public Records Audit Report

Click here to get a copy of the Williamson County Official Public Records Audit Report.

What to look for: Search our Official Public Records for your Deed of Trust. On it should be your Original Lender's name. Then look for any Assignments that show who you have made your mortgage payments to because the note was transferred to that entity. You do that by entering your last name first name in the "Grantor" field of the search screen. Look for ASSN, SI and DT documents to start your paper trail. If there are missing links or nothing there at all regarding your current mortgage payee, call the last lender that you paid and see if they will help you by filing an Assignment document which assigns your mortgage to them. If not, call the Better Business Bureau or the AG's Consumer Protection office or seek the advice of a competent attorney who has received training on foreclosures.

If you have received a foreclosure notice, there are other items to look for on the documents including the order in which the entity filed the Notice of Substitute Trustee and subsequent documents. You may also need to check the list of alleged robo-signers to see if that may also be a problem. There are various websites that can educate you on the foreclosure process.

Texas Property Code Sec. 11.001. PLACE OF RECORDING. (a) To be effectively recorded, an instrument relating to real property must be eligible for recording and must be recorded in the county in which a part of the property is located. However, if such an instrument grants a security interest by a utility as defined in Section 261.001, Business & Commerce Code, the instrument may be recorded as required by Sections 261.004 and 261.006 of that code, and if such instrument is so recorded, the lien and the secured interest created by such instrument shall be deemed perfected for all purposes.

Texas Local Government Code 192.001 General items. The county clerk shall record each deed, mortgage or other instrument that is required or permitted by law to be recorded.

192.007 To release, transfer, assign or take another action relating to an instrument that is filed, registered or recorded in the office of the county clerk, a person must file, register, or record another instrument relating to the action in the same manner as the original instrument was required to be filed, registered or recorded.

Link to forms to be filed in the District Clerk's office to protest a fraudulent lien.


County Clerk Receives Five Star Vital Award for 2016

At the 62st Annual Conference on Vital Statistics in Austin on Dec. 7-9th, the Williamson County Clerk’s office was presented for the year 2016 the Five Star Vital Registration Award by the Texas Department of Health, State Health Services Vital Statistics Unit. This award is presented annually for exemplary work in the area of Vital Registration. The criteria for qualifications of this award include timeliness of filing registrations entered into the state database by the clerk’s office, annual training at conferences, use of the Texas Electronic Registrar (TER) for all birth, death and marriage registrations, completing an assessment survey, and use State Dept. of Health required banknote paper. Three employees in the Vital Statistics area attended the conference, Misty Lamb, Mandy Alexander, and Cynitha Tidwell. Mrs. Rister attributed the 2016 win to her staff who have strived to maintain the high standards. The annual three-day conference included topics on Managing Vital Records, Detecting Imposter Fraud, VSU Updates and TxEVER Presentation, Local Registrar Monitoring, VSU 101, Recording the Past, Paternity Certification and others.

The 2016 Five Star Vital Registration Award

Misty Lamb, Mandy Alexander,
Nancy Rister and Cynthia Tidwell accept the 2016 award


Justice Center

Physical Address:

Williamson County Clerk

405 Martin Luther King St

Georgetown, TX 78626-4901


Mailing Address:

 Williamson County Clerk
 PO Box 647
Jarrell TX 76537-0647



Recording Division

(512)943-1515 Main#
(512)943-1616 Fax#

Hours: 8am-4:30pm

Civil/Probate Division
(512) 943-1140
(512) 943-1154 fax
Hours: 8 am to 5 pm
Criminal Court Division
(512) 943-1150
(512) 943-1445 fax
Hours: 8 am to 5 pm


Commissioners Court Records
(512) 943-1515


Our office does not accept unsolicited advertisements at the fax numbers listed above.



Customer Evaluation
Williamson County Courthouse
710 Main Street Georgetown, TX 78626
Main Telephone: (512)943-1100
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