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Retiree County Benefits

Retiree (Under 65) County Health Benefits

Williamson County employees are eligible to continue their current Medical and Dental benefits as a retiree if:

  • The employee retires under the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS) service retirement guidelines upon terminating employment with Williamson County, and begins receiving a monthly pension from TCDRS; and
  • The employee is under age 65 at the time of retirement.
  • The employee has 8 years of employment with Williamson County

Retiree premiums are based on years of service with Williamson County. Retirees pay premiums through a bank debit on a monthly basis instead of bi-monthly thru payroll. Medical and dental benefits will end on the last day of the month prior to the retiree or retiree spouse turning 65. When a retiree is no longer eligible, the retiree, spouse and/or dependent child(ren) lose coverage. COBRA coverage will be offered to the spouse and/or dependent children who lose coverage due to the retiree’s loss of eligibility.

For Retiree Health Benefit information and/or an appointment, please contact Sally Goetz, 512-943-1536;

Medical/Dental/Vision Providers

Aetna Customer Service (medical/dental/vision) :

1-855-845-6557 or

Instructions for setting up a login for account access in mobile app or desktop

To Find a Doctor/Dentist: or 1-855-845-6557

Pharmacy Benefits:

1-888-792-3862 or

Claims Assistance and Medical/Vision/Dental/Term Life:

Contact the provider directly, or Williamson County Benefits Team at or 512-943-1533

Retirement System Provider

Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS)
P.O.  Box 2034
Austin, Texas 78768-2034
Phone: 512-328-8889
Toll-Free: 800-823-7782

Deferred Compensation Plan Provider (457 Plan)

Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc.
Contact:  Sarita Null, Retirement Specialist
Phone:     512-497-1666
Toll Free: 877-677-3678

Retirement Plan

Williamson County is a member of the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS). Mandatory TCDRS deductions are withheld from employee paychecks at the rate of 7% (as of 1/1/97) of gross pay. These deductions are made prior to calculation of the employee’s tax liability (i.e., these are pre-tax deductions). The County provides matching retirement funds according to actuarial projections. Members are vested and eligible for full service retirement benefits if:  they have accumulated at least 8 years of credited service and have attained the age of 60; OR their age plus accumulated years (8 years minimum if hired after 12/23/1999, or 4 years minimum if hired before 12/23/1999) of credited service equals 75; OR they have 30 years of credited service regardless of age.

Deferred Compensation

In addition to TCDRS pre-tax retirement deductions, employees may defer current income taxes on a portion of their earnings and allocate these deferrals to a variety of investment options. Mutual fund investments services are also available. Please contact your Nationwide Retirement Specialist directly to inquire about the deferred compensation plan, enrollment, or any questions you may have as an enrolled member.  Transactions are handled directly with your Nationwide Retirement Specialist.

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